In most cases of invasive BCC, SCC or Melanoma, the most appropriate treatment of skin cancer is surgery. This may be with a prior biopsy and in some cases other imaging or pathology investigations however for most straightforward common BCCs and SCCs, direct surgical removal of the skin cancer and reconstruction of the area is all that is required. Melanoma and other less common skin cancers can be more complex and may require specialised tests, imaging, discussion about other potential biopsies and investigations which will not be specifically discussed here.


Dr Dhillon performs thousands of skin cancer removal every year. Dr Dhillon can perform this surgery either under local anaesthetic in the local rooms, or under local anaesthetic/sedation or general anaesthetic in hospital. He operates at both public hospitals for our uninsured patients and private hospitals for our privately insured patients.

Majority of the time, surgery involves the removal of the skin cancer with direct closure. Most of these procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic. There are times where the area of cancer is too large for a direct closure and requires either a local skin flap or skin graft. In this case, hospital admission is necessary. Dr Dhillon will discuss in detail the approach in which he will take your surgery and answer any questions you may have pertaining to this.