Your initial consultation with Dr Dhillon will take between 45 minutes to an hour where you will be given a lot of information on the procedure. Dr Dhillon will also discuss the different approaches of breast reconstruction and what will suit you most.

Dr Dhillon will require a complete medical history, most of which will be filled out on your registration form. It is important to be completely honest about your medical history as some health problems may affect surgery and anaesthesia. Medications will also be noted from the completion of registration form. 

After your initial consultation with Dr Dhillon, you will speak with Dallas for further information on the procedure, hospital dates for surgery, fees and other important information. Dallas will then make another appointment for you, known as your pre-operative appointment so that you can discuss any concerns or questions you have with Dr Dhillon prior to your surgery so that you go into surgery with 100% confidence. 

THE Procedure



Some discomfort and pain is normal after surgery. You will require some pain relief (paracetamol) for the first few days after surgery. Do not take aspirin or other similar anti-inflammatory medication for the first couple of weeks post operatively as it increases the risk of bleeding. 




Have plenty of rest for the first day of your recovery, drinking plenty of fluids and eating nourishing food. We recommend that if you have an office job to take a week off work, and two weeks if you have more of a physical job. 

You should not drive for a week after surgery and only start to drive once you have had your first post operative appointment and Dr Dhillon has given you the all clear to do so. 

Scarring will worsen before it gets better and can sometimes take up to 6 months to settle. Usually the scar gets redder and raised before it settles to fade and flatten. We will advise scar management at your post operative appointment with the recommendation of products to use to assist with expediting the process.