Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries and involves the breasts being enlarged by the insertion of breast implants. Dr Dhillon performs this procedure, giving our patients the most natural looking results as possible. 

During your initial consultation, Dr Dhillon will go through the procedure in detail including the types of implants used, incision points, recovery time, risks and other issues of surgery. Based on your desired outcome, you will choose the implant with Dr Dhillon that will best meet this. You will always have a pre-operative appointment before your surgery date with Dr Dhillon. 

After your initial consultation, you will speak with our Practice Manager, Dallas to book a date for surgery, go through costs, recovery, post operative care and other important details. 



Breast reduction has amazing results for women with large overweight breasts. Large breasts can cause medical problems such as neck, shoulder and back pain, skin irritation and infection underneath the breasts, and also can be overall uncomfortable and make one feel self conscious. A breast reduction will reduce the size of a woman's breasts to make them more in proportion with the rest of her body. Sometimes a lift (mastopexy) is also required during this surgery. This is one of the most satisfying procedures Dr Dhillon performs.



After a woman has had a mastectomy, she has the option to have a breast reconstruction that will create a breast/breasts that look to that of its natural form. Deciding on having a breast reconstruction can increase a woman's self confidence and happiness. 

Breast reconstruction can be done with either the use of an implant or the use of one's muscle and tissue. The technique used is decided on by both surgeon and patient but there are usually factors (age, health, size, shape etc) as to why one technique is chosen over the other. Breast reconstructions can be done immediately following on from a mastectomy, or at a later stage.